Habitat Expressions | Mythic Natures Exhibition: The Custodian of the Dy(e)ing
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Mythic Natures Exhibition: The Custodian of the Dy(e)ing

If one converts all the world one knows into emblems and possesses all of it, could you own the world? Italo Calvino, in Invisible Cities, says then the custodian will become yet another emblem among all the other emblems.

Capturing as a painter is an act of making emblems out of lands, myths, cultures and lives. There are choices to make of what represents the moment, the energy and the bodies. In the process a painter converts them into emblems but also distances them for the viewer and for himself. Hence the capturing of that which is dying becomes an act of dyeing and keeping away. An act of museumisation representing as well as undermining a life-experience.

Communities experience loss; or it is the sense of loss that constitutes the very sense of a community. Such narratives of loss invariably merge myths, histories and objects into an image.


December 16, 2015

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