Science Kids makes learning about nature enjoyable with interactive videos, fun games, experiments, and quizzes. They also have science projects, detailed lesson plans, and pictures and videos to make nature appealing to kids.
Find pointers about introducing nature to kids on this website. They have tips for kids from pre-school to Grade 6.
Find more resources to help children love and appreciate nature. Maria gives tips on introducing kids to farming, handling garden bugs etc.
This document outlines the necessity for children to develop a bond with nature and how it can be fostered. A practical hands-on approach is encouraged.
Project Learning Tree aims to inculcate an appreciation of nature and forests in children so that they become environmentally conscious citizens of tomorrow. They provide curriculum for environmental education tailored to children of different ages.
National Geographic has created a fun, interactive website for children to learn about nature and biodiversity. They have different categories like mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians which you can click to access pictures and information about a huge variety of animals under each category. Also watch interesting wildlife videos with blurbs and captions.