A lot of herbs and plants readily available in nature have medicinal properties. They help in alleviating symptoms of common ailments, preventing illness, and boosting immunity and metabolism.
http://www.home-remedies-for-you.com/. This website provides an A to Z directory of illnesses, their causes, symptoms, treatments, home remedies and prevention techniques. They also offer health tips, educate us about medicinal herbs, and even has a section for healthy recipes.
http://www.prevention.com/tags/natural-remedies. This site educates us how we can prevent and combat common ailments naturally. They also give pointers for a healthy diet, fitness, and clean eating.
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http://www.almanac.com/topics/home-health/natural-remedies . From tips on losing weight to natural ways to fight osteoarthritis and migraines, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a repository of knowledge and folk wisdom. They also provide detailed information on gardening, birds, and sustainable fishing.
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http://www.pathlights.com/nr_encyclopedia/ . Natural Remedies Encyclopedia provides natural remedies for over 500 illnesses and disorders. It also gives us do’s and don’ts on maintaining our health and wellbeing while telling us which are some of the most powerful healing herbs around.
http://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-you/home-remedies . Best Health has an easily navigable website that gives inputs on how to groom ourselves, eat well, maintain our health, and treat illnesses in a natural way. It helps us discover new uses for items commonly found in the pantry. Chili pepper can reduce arthritis pain, ginger can soothe nausea, and cloves can ease your tooth ache.
http://themysteriousworld.com/top-15-most-powerful-medicinal-plants/. This is a write-up on the 15 most powerful medicinal plants in the world. Who knew ginger, garlic and spinach had cancer fighting properties!