Nature heals. Being in nature soothes the body and mind. So next time you feel blue, try a dose of nature and get your Vitamin N fix. . Find out how nature can heal a host of medical conditions in both children and adults. Access research papers, news articles, and case studies on each health condition The ‘Centre of Spirituality and Healing’ of University of Minnesota exhorts us to go outside and spend time with nature to restore and refresh our body and mind. They explain how nature heals us, soothes us, and connects us to each other and the universe at large. Amidst our hectic, technology dependant lives, are we getting sufficient doses of Vitamin N? This articles prompts us to connect with nature to lead more happier, healthier, and fulfilled lives. Are you suffering from anxiety, depression and stress? Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? WebMd tells us that weaving nature into our life may aid healing, not to mention uplift our mood.