Houses: Modern Natural/Natural Modern” by Ron Broadhurst focuses on innovative, environmentally sensitive architecture. Also enjoy exceptional pictures of houses constructed keeping sustainability and nature in mind.
Nature Design: From Inspiration to Innovation” by Angeli Sachs explores the concept of using nature as a model for architecture, design, art and photography. Hundreds of relevant images are used for corroboration. . Get a slice of the great outdoors inside your urban home and office with these clever, nature inspired designs . . This articles sheds light on the concept of biomimicry. It involves looking at nature as a model, and emulating nature to solve human problems. . In these articles on’ inhabitat’ you can see stunning photos of architecture and a variety of contraptions inspired by nature. For example, Speedo has flippers inspired by the humpback whale, and burrs clinging to his dog’s hair gave George de Mestral the idea to invent velcro. Find more examples of biomimicry on ‘inhabitat’.
Not only does nature provide us with the resources we need to live from one day to another , but she also gives us beauty and inspiration. When the rat race leaves us drained, and even when all the comforts of the modern world fail to fulfill us, the solution may be to turn to nature, treat her conscientiously, and soak up the peace and energy she offers.