Did you know you could create a compost with your kitchen waste? Or you could help in conservation by buying in bulk instead of in numerous small packages? Conserve resources in your home, yard, car, while on vacation, and while you shop with the pointers outlined in this website.
Here you find a simple, to do list of environmental best practices every citizen can adopt. It reminds us of things we already know, but don’t always remember like turning off lights when not necessary, and turning off computers when not using them. gives details on conserving environment and natural resources, eliminating pollution, recycling waste, and increasing energy efficiency . They also give us tips on green living and how we can protect biodiversity.
Indiana Public Media gives us tips to conserve resources and save the environment. They also have a series of podcasts on the natural world and greener living.
When it comes to conserving water, every small step helps. Browse this website for over 200 water-saving tips.