article on New York Magazine looks at climate change initiatives, setbacks, and positive outcomes over the years. Change is possible, but a co-ordinated, sustained effort is the need of the hour.“Major cities will very likely drown, ancient cultures will be swallowed by the seas, and there is a very high chance that our children will spend a great deal of their lives fleeing and recovering from vicious storms and extreme droughts.” This is not a prediction of apocalypse, but simply what is likely to happen if we do nothing about climate change. Accepting climate change for the crisis that it is, and making changes in the systems that contributed to it, and sustained global effort is needed to avert this crisis . v. Organizations that work towards conserving wild life and nature. Environmental Working Group (EWG) aims to educate people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. They provide resources to buy toxin free food and consumer products, tips for conservation, cleaner energy and sustainable farming, and valuable inputs to stave off life threatening diseases like cancer. Friends of the Earth (FOE) calls for reforms to bring about a just world which offers a healthy environment to all people. They push for conservation, clean energy, sustainability in agriculture, and the preservation of oceans and forests. .Started in 1987, believes that the wellbeing of human beings is inextricably linked to the health of the land and strives to promote sustainable livelihoods while preserving biodiversity. They strive to promote sustainability in agriculture, forestry, tourism and finance. Earth Justice is an environmental law organization which provides legal counsel free of charge to hundreds of organizations striving for positive environmental change. Their key goals are to protect the wild, ensure clean air and toxin free environment for all, and to promote clean energy and a healthy climate. Ocean conservancy is a voice for the oceans of the world. They fight for trash free seas, promote sustainable fisheries, fight ocean acidification, and work towards a healthy ocean that will continue to sustain all forms of life including human. World Wildlife Fund is a global organization that is leading the way in conservation. They work towards conserving forests, oceans, fresh water and wildlife. They seek to positively address climate change and to efficiently produce and distribute food to curb world hunger. One of the most visible environmental organizations in the world, Greenpeace seeks to protect and conserve the environment while promoting peace. They advocate renewable energy to stop climate change, and seek to protect oceans and forests and all the life they sustain. They also campaign for disarmament , peace and sustainable agriculture. National Geographic has been bringing people closer to nature since 1888. Their wealth of information on nature, and stunning photos and videos raise awareness and create appreciation for nature.