K L Leon Artist Photo

K.L. Leon

A painter who engages with the anatomy of the social body through botanical imagery, K. L. Leon

is one of the most noted young talents in the painting scene of India. His paintings capture as

well as distance the present for the viewer. A graduate from Thiruvananthapuram Fine Arts

College and a Master Degree holder in Painting from the University of Hyderabad in 2003 (both

with gold medal), he started independent work soon after in Baroda and Cochin.. Social life and

its various aspects, for him, is never a reducible entity but one embodied in the very colour,

material and depiction of work of art. His work has been recognized at solo and group

exhibitions across India and abroad. The two solo exhibitions T erra Firma in the Kashi Art Café in

2007 and  Travelers from the Desolated Land in the Durbar Hall Art Centre in 2001, Kochi won

critical acclaim. His works have been part of many national and international group exhibitions

such as A.Syco, The Viewing Room, Mumbai (2010), Unclaimed Spaces, Threshold Gallery, New

Delhi (2010), Labyrinths Urban-Organic,1×1 art gallery, Dubai (2009), Lay of the Land, The Viewing

Room, Mumbai (2009),  Earth Beneath, two man show with Sebastian Varghese, Threshold

Gallery, New Delhi,  Recent Works, Project88, Mumbai (2008), Panchamadhi Camp Show, Fine Arts

Faculy Gallery, MSU, Baroda (2008), Annual Show, Triva Contemporary, Thiruvanathapuram

(2008), Pastiche, Chaithanya Art Gallery, Kochi (2008), Representation 3, Triva Contemporary,

Thiruvanathapuram (2008), Art Show, Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad (2006)

and Interpretation, group show of paintings, graphics and sculptures, Hyderabad Art Society

(2003). Winner of the prestigious residency in Biennele Cochin-2014, he is the recipient a number

of scholarships such as Residential Artist Scholarship Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad (2005

– 06),  Merit Scholarship, Hyderabad Central University (2003) and  Student Scholarship, Kerala

Lalitha Kala Akademi (2003). He has also been awarded Special Mention  by Kerala Lalitha Kala

Akademi (2003 ) and Honourable Mention Award, Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademi (2001).